Ford Driving Dreams Grants

In 2020, LULAC and Ford Motor Company Fund will celebrate their 10th anniversary of partnering to support education through the Ford Driving Dreams Grants program. 


Educational initiatives and investments, such as Ford Driving Dreams, have contributed to the rising graduation rate of high school students in the United States. In 2015, the Department of Education reported a record-breaking high school graduation rate of 83.2% among high school students. Despite significant improvements, Hispanic graduation rates (77%) still trail in comparison to Non-Hispanic Whites (89%), Asians (91%) and African American students (82%). 


Together, LULAC and Ford Fund are addressing the needs of the Hispanic community and helping increase Hispanic high school graduation rates. To date, 78 LULAC councils and educational partners across 25 states and Puerto Rico have developed and implemented effective high school dropout prevention programs rooted in localized solutions to address the specific needs of their communities. The Ford Driving Dreams Grants Program has funded over 82 programs, supported the education for more than 2,485 students and served as a convener and facilitator of the growth of LULAC councils.

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2020-2022 Ford Driving Dreams Grants RFP

The RFP Period for the 2020-2022 10th Anniversary Cohort is now open. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2020.
Please visit for more funding opportunities.

The Ford Driving Dreams Grants program is awarding $20,000 seed grants to LULAC councils to address Latino graduation rates in their communities. We invite LULAC councils across the country and Puerto Rico to apply for this esteemed two year grant totaling $20,000.

Informational Calls will be taking place at 11am (mst) the following dates:
January 23, 2020
February 6, 2020
February 20, 2020
March 5, 2020
March 19, 2020

Call-In: 866-364-1511
Access Code: 7486909436
Security Pin: 2020

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